Cuba 101

Cuba Cuba is a huge country with very different areas, in the east Baracoa with its rivers, white sandy beaches in Varadero, in the south colonial old city of Trinidad, old railways and sugarfarms in the middle of the country, in the west tobaco farms in Vinales of Pinar del Rio and tons of history … More Cuba 101

Say it in Cuban

Basics of Cuban language Asere, Que bola? = hey buddy, whats up? Irse pa’l Yuma = go to the USA A lo cubano = the cuban way Pinchar = working (bolso de) nylon = plastic bag Hacer la cola = get in line. In cuba when getting in line always ask for “ultimo” who is the … More Say it in Cuban

The way Cubans dance

Everything about salsa, timba, son, rumba etc… Cuban salsa (Casino) Hansel and Angela dancing casino Casino danced in a group (circle) called rueda de casino Sabor DKY dancing rueda de casino Son Asdrubal and Maye performing son with Septeto Santiaguero Conga Conga in Santiago de Cuba Rumba Havana Club youtube series on┬árumba sessions     … More The way Cubans dance

Tips for travellers

This blog has listed out pretty neat list of tips, worth checking! Below is my list, enjoy! #1 Toilet paper. Always bring some, while your casa particular might have it, most public toilets doesn’t. If there is a lady in front of the toilet you should tip them to get toilet paper. Not all restrooms … More Tips for travellers


Everybody knows Havana, Trinidad, Varadero and so on.. But I wanted to write about Baracoa, my favorite place in Cuba. Baracoa is the first established town in Cuba, where Christopher Columbus once landed on his trips. You can still visit the cross by the little beach that is set as a mark of where he … More Baracoa


Varadero is well known of its white sandy beaches, long stretch of Hotels by the ocean and of course the tourists. Located near Havana, just couple of hours away it is a perfect destination to balance your Cuba experience to have culture and history from Havana and relaxing beach time from Varadero. You might want … More Varadero

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba has a significant role in the Cuban revolution, it is here where on July 26th the revolution began with the attack at the Monacada barracks. You can see the sign for 26 Julio all over the place to remind us of this history. Santiago is the second largest city in Cuba and … More Santiago de Cuba