Arrived in Cuba

Arrived in Cuba finally! Can’t express how good the sun and warm winds feel on my skin after freezing temperatures and how great it is to have real sunshine again.
All is like it always has been in Cuba, people walking around everywhere, long lines no matter where you try to get in, all the noises on the streets, old american and soviet cars and motorcycles driving around and honking, pollution in the air, fresh fruits, rice and beans, looking for water bottles in the stores, dogs walking around in the streets looking for food, tsss tssss everywhere when people want to get some attention, tons of kisses on the cheek to greet everybody, salsa here, son there, music everywhere!

The mourning after Fidel’s passing is still present, one can see lot’s of honouring in forms of pictures or texts or signs. People also talk about him very respectfully. Playing music has been restricted a bit and I’ll hear more traditional music than what I got used to during my previous visits to Cuba when going out. Some shows have also been cancelled. The christmas preparations are also taking place and people are talking about new years, preparing to get food for the party before the stores run out of everything.
Internet in Cuba is a hot topic and I am pleased to see how new wifi spots have been installed since my last visit. Getting online is the same struggle as it has been, first you have to go wait in line for some hours to get cards for 1.5$/hour, the price just got down from 2$ yay! (or buy from the street bit more expensive) and then get yourself on the plaza to connect to the internet that might work just fine or cut off every now and then. Local accounts can also be recharged online from anywhere. Plazas are filled with people especially late at night talking to their friends and family abroad or just browse internet like we are used to do all the time everywhere. The amount of Cubans with smartphones, tablets or laptops to use for communications is increasing and Cuba is slowly but surely joining the cyber world and social media. I have to admit that being mostly offline is one of the best parts of Cuba for myself. 

I will write more about life in Cuba and try to post pictures, hope you enjoy my blog! I have also been learning a lot of new vocabulary for say it in cuban vocabulary list 🙂


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