I’m offline

There are tons of reasons for not being able to be online in Cuba…-my favorite: you just want to enjoy the island and disconnect And the other reasons: -it is expensive (1.5$/hr) and slow and unreliable, you might be “connected” but pages just won’t load -your phone or laptop can’t find the wifi network -there … More I’m offline

Waiting in line

Cubans wait a lot in lines. You have to queue for the grocery store, bank, communications store to get internet cards etc etc. And most of the time there are people cutting in lines “i’ll just as a quick question” to avoid the line and get an answer for what they are looking for. Or … More Waiting in line

Buying cheese

So I have been trying to find gouda cheese in Santiago for a while. There is a cheese factory downtown and I thought it might be a good place to ask. So for the first time there wasn’t any. Second time they had plenty but could not sell it because something was missing and it … More Buying cheese

Bugs and wildlife

I have encountered some bugs and wildlife while here, some harmless, some annoying but luckily nothing dangerous so far. Mosquitoes – there arent much in urban area thanks to the efficient spraying program that guarantees that all houses are sprayed regularly. Mosquitoes can carry dengue fever or zika so it is important to protect against … More Bugs and wildlife

Shortage of everything where you still have everything

“Lo que tu necesites agua!” “Agua pa ese calor” There are some Cuban songs that speak about water, that very important basic element of life. Well in Cuba you might really need some. There are no 24/7 hot water from pipes that would guarantee your hot long showers at any time you desire, even the … More Shortage of everything where you still have everything