Animal life in Cuba

There are tons of animals in Cuba, both domestic and on the streets. Domestic dogs are usually kept as a guard or to alert their owners when unwanted guests get in the house. Some do have pets that are pampered and kept as a part of the family and some train their dogs to fight.
The dogs who live on the streets seem to spend their days in the same spot more or less, their territory seem to be clearly marked. During the daytime dogs are mostly asleep when the sun takes their energy besides when they gather to look for the food from people. At night time it sometimes sounds like pack of wolves owling when the dogs are communicating, sometimes fighting too. I avoid getting in contact with any street animals here because they might carry rabies or parasites, however sometimes you see tourists petting street animals too.

Cats live equal life, just not seen as much as they tend to find better spots for privacy than dogs. Often you can see dogs on top of the roofs or looking out from a balcony or a window. But hardly ever anyone taking their dog for a walk in leash.


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