Shortage of everything where you still have everything

“Lo que tu necesites agua!”
“Agua pa ese calor”
There are some Cuban songs that speak about water, that very important basic element of life. Well in Cuba you might really need some. There are no 24/7 hot water from pipes that would guarantee your hot long showers at any time you desire, even the houses and hotels that do have “unlimited” access to water have water tanks, just bigger storages that average cubans. So an average cuban might run out of water if all of the water tanks stored in the house are used for washing, cleaning, cooking, drinking etc. If this would happen then they all have this guy who can get them some more water before the main water is turned on again and they can refill all the tanks. Just like there is a guy who can get anything else in Cuba too. Even though Cubans constantly say there is no water I have never seen a situation without water. Or anyone taking any exessive actions to conserve some. Needless to say most cubans don’t have cars they could wash, nor big gardens they need water for or washing maschines for dishes or clothes so daily life does not consume as much as western lifestyle. Once living standard will raise in Cuba water will be one critical issue as there is already lack of clean water.

Another point here is the bottled water that tourists are recommended to use for drinking water, which might also run out in stores and you might spend some hours wondering around looking for some. So the lesson here is that you should appreciate water when you can. Especially with dates like new years one should check in advance that all necessities are in the house. Last Saturday we went out and the place didn’t serve much as they were out of water. They could not use plates or cups for food or drinks because they could not wash them, toilet was not in use due to lack of water, but yet we still managed to have a great evening!
Same goes with any other product. Electrical power outages are very common, stores running out of supplies, pharmacies not having medication etc. However there is always a way to fix things, you either invent and use another product or buy from resellers with a higher price. Yet somehow living here makes me feel that I have everything I need and much more because there is always a way to solve each problem. And many times there is a solution I never thought of before cubans showed me how to make it work the way they do.
Internet is concidered luxury over here. I connect about daily sometimes more often, sometimes I’m offline for days. Sometimes you want to connect and all you can see is your email inbox loading. This is also why I have been posting only very few pictures because they fail loading and it takes forever (and again failed when posting this, spent this morning about an hour to download 8pdf documents..). That makes me feel bit behind on world news, of course the biggest issues are shown on local news too, but the “international news briefly” is really brief so I an still dependent on internet to know what goes on in Europe and rest of the world.
So even though Cubans might lack lots of things they don’t really let it show (but they constantly talk about it). These people are masters on inventing solutions, such like this guy getting hair color done with a plastic bag in his head in front of a hair dresser salon.

 Not to mention all of the electronical inventions to get their equipment work or to play music. Far away from European safety standards. Kids, this is what you have always been told not to try at home!


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