Bugs and wildlife

I have encountered some bugs and wildlife while here, some harmless, some annoying but luckily nothing dangerous so far.
Mosquitoes – there arent much in urban area thanks to the efficient spraying program that guarantees that all houses are sprayed regularly. Mosquitoes can carry dengue fever or zika so it is important to protect against them in case you go to more rural area where they are seen.
However I have been bitten several times by other kind of bugs, prob the most by little ants that, like in any other country, are all over the place especially if they find food around. And these ants are really fisty and they bite!
Flies are all over the place, especially in your food. Just get used to it and use a fan in the kitchen. Besides flies there are common fruit flies and little butterfly shaped bugs around a lot.
I have also seen some centipedes. A huge one outside and about half of my pinkie sized inside. I was told that they bite too.

Salamanquera or a small lizard. Those funny and fast little fellas live hiding most of the time but sometimes you can see them also inside the houses at night and they even show up to eat food when you call them if tought well. They are completely harmless or actually even usefull like spiders because they eat other bugs.

Cocroach. Coming from a cold country I might never get used to live with cocroaches even though I have already lived years in warmer areas. So the other night there was a cocroach in the bathroom and the dog ate it. I must say I felt very discusted and relived at the same time having such an efficient help on bug control at home!
Then there are scorpiones in the rural area especially in the mountains. But all in all Cuba doesn’t have such hazardous bugs than Australia for example so life here is pretty calm and there are no major encounters with anything dangerous daily.
Then there is a chicken outside in front of the house who came in to lay an egg on our couch. Go figure. Local ecolocical food delivered at home directly from producer.

At the beach there might be jellyfish so one should always be cautious.


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