Buying cheese

So I have been trying to find gouda cheese in Santiago for a while. There is a cheese factory downtown and I thought it might be a good place to ask. So for the first time there wasn’t any. Second time they had plenty but could not sell it because something was missing and it had not been reported yet. This continued for two days. Then the store was closed. Then they didnt have any again. 

The Cuban cheese has a very strong taste, and the structure breaks down easier. Meanwhile I just keep eating this 30 pesos (nacional) per kilo cheese while waiting for a miracle of finding gouda. There are also blue cheese, cream cheese and some emmental like cheese at the factory store, but if I never end up getting my gouda there I might just spoil myself and get if from “the guy” I was told by a lady I know at a nearby casa particular said she buys it from..

Then there is a whole another story about trying to find eggs.. once they are been sold people buy them and resell them, I mean these “guys” everyone has, who gets them just about anything. The only problem is that the price goes up to 4 times from the original, so while trying to be cheap and being busy waiting in line for bank, immigration etc we have not been able to get eggs in a while. Still searching,

Bread, ham, (cuban) cheese, youghurt, rice, beans and chicken are the products we have most of the time. Yesterday getting back from Holguin we got lucky and got some fresh products like yucca and mandarines on the way.


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