No es facil! It is not easy…

Cubans almost repeatedly say “no es facil” (it is not easy), referring to several complications life brings to them. Ironically I don’t think I ever heard anything being easy!
Money aside, just making a comment on how far would you make it with 20 dollars a month? That really isn’t easy for anyone!!
However, if I compare life in Cuba to some other countries where I have lived I can’t say life here would be much more complicated. Waiting in line is bit excessive here, no matter where you go, but once you know it and prepare to spend 2-3 hours at a bank all is good. Things will get done eventually. And even if stores or resellers are selling “don’t have” they will eventually have whatever you are looking for. Just be patient.
The fact that Cubans don’t really share information or sometimes some might give you wrong info, might increase your visits to some offices when you are missing stamps or some papers etc that you were not informed to bring along to your appointment. I agree that this is frustrating, and especially in comparison to other countries where you can do most of the things online or at least find information online what is needed for each appointment. But like I said, eventually things get done one way or another.
Other thing that seem to bother Cubans is the sun. It is not easy to be grilled under the sunshine all day every day! Except if you are a pale skinned northern European who came to Cuba from the winter and darkness… Sun still doesn’t bother me a bit and I still pick the sunny side of the street if I can. Cubans can’t stand the heat or the fact that sun burns their skin couple of tones darker.
Don’t have! (No hay!) Is one thing that really happens often and as I get to experience this when buying food or asking for a rental car, locals experience it bit more excessive, for example some stories I have heard of dentist appointment that got cancelled because there was lack of materials and a doctor’s appointment that got cancelled because the only EKG machine in the hospital didn’t work. “Don’t have” also bothers Cubans a lot when it applies to neccesities such as water, gas or electricity. Not to mention the reaction when tv goes dark and only displays “no signal”. Offices and stores also close their doors unnoticed, such as on the days they spray mosquitoes.


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