Monday nights with Panfilo (vivir del cuento) 

Cuban tv offers some very interesting programs, documentaries, sports, news, series (local or Brazilian mainly) and political programs. One of the most interesting is Panfilo on Monday nights, a parody about life in Cuba. The guys playing the roles are very popular, including president Obama visited this show when he visited Cuba a while ago. The show is usually about some daily issues or current topics, for example they have been to an office trying to get paperwork done for selling a property which demonstrated the amount of papers and undone work in any office in Cuba, been looking for a job, played domino with food cards, tried to set up a photography studio ending up taking pictures of a hot girl posing for her modeling portfolio, talked about how to make it till the end of the month describing the lucha (struggle) cubans have with their low pay, the struggle of watching a tv with a bad signal, trying to get in shape (participating athletics competition by throwing bread like javelin, shot put and discus), tried to make business out of showing rooms to tourists and getting a comission which describes how cubans invent a business out of anything. 
And Cubans are laughing out loud while watching this show as it is so accurate.



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