Gift ideas, what to bring for Cubans

Any daily products you use yourself, shower gel, toothpaste, razors, underware and socks etc..

Cosmetics, they love their fragrances

Good shoes

Clothes, especially colorful tricots and sports bra for females

Water bottles, durable reusable ones

Electronics, old used ones are good, most computers in Cuba are not W11 or apple standards yet

Smartphones, headsets

Music players and speakers (need to be loud! 🙂 )

Digital cameras

Medication, such as aspirin and vitamins

Any utility item for home, towels, pillow cases, kitchen ware etc, cables of all kinda, kitchen knife, sponges, deterents for anything else than hand soap (it’s basically with what they was everything), can openers and other handy tools for kitchen they use knofe for everything, good kitchen knives, durable glass containers for food etc etc

Spices. Cubans don’t use much spices and I have heard that hot sauce has been pretty popular