My tips to Baracoa

Some useful links:

1. Museo taino cemetary -paradise cave archeological museo (2hrs)

Bit of climbing, part of natural park a museum with taino remains, a cave that was used as a grave, beautiful view
“The cave-museum contains three galleries in which one sees a collection of prints and free-standing petroglyphs from different areas of the region of Baracoa, which bear witness to the cave painter’s art as practiced by our pre-Columbian ancestors. There is also a collection of decorated pottery embellished with beautiful zoomorphic and anthropomorphic drawings, and some ceremonial pots of great archaeological value, for many of them are unique in Cuba. Visitors may also see a representation of a Taino burial with its funerary offerings. Inaugurated as a museum on 24th December 2002.”


2. Yumury (all day)

A beautiful river with tons of nature. Rent a local rower who can take you along the river with their boat. Paladares, beach, beautiful nature
“The town of yumurí (its name ¡s of indian origin) is 22 miles (35 kilometers) from the City of baracoa, near alemanes pass, and is reached by a highway bordered by lush vegetation. on the way, you’ll see the bay of mata, barigua and manglito beaches and a large river that runs through the yumurí canyon to the sea. the spectacular flora and fauna on the cay will make this an experience you’Il treasure.”


3. Yonki / yunque (all day)

The table like iconic mountain, hiking along the river 10km, elevation 575m, beautiful nature, paladar on the way and a camp site in the beginning of the hike

4. Barra de colon (1hr)

The cross that is representing the location where Columbus once landed in Cuba which makes Baracoenses proud of being from tha first established city in Cuba. Inside a hotel area, pool, bar etc but can also just walk through to see the cross.

5. rancho Toa (half day)

Never been but heard I should!

“Learn about rural life and how to grow and harvest coffee, cacao and coconuts in the area around Baracoa.”


6. Matachín Fort Municipal Museum (haven’t been but assuming 2hrs)

“Ancient Spanish fortress built during the first half of the eighteenth century for the protection of the city from the attacks of corsairs and pirates. In it you will find a brief account of the history of Baracoa, from indigenous cultures to more recent historical facts. It was inaugurated as Municipal Museum on 10th October 1981.”


7. playa blanca (full day)

A beautiful beach cove inside a national park (have to pay during daytime), when I visited sea was pretty rough but apparently good for snorkeling too. White sand and tons of nature. Bit of a walk from the city, suggest hiring a boat from rio toa and enjoying the ride along the river. Access through a very narrow shaky bridge if arrive by feet, not sure about the condition after hurricane Matthew.

8. playa/villa Maguana (full day)

Spectacular hidden beach with white sand. A hotel nearby that provides services for nautical sports such as snorkeling at a reef located near the beach.

In the city

-casa de chocolate (this is the area of Cuba where the chocolate is from!!)

-casa de la trova/teraza (local places to go out to)

-hotel castillo: amazing view

-malecon: waterfront that is not quite the one in Havana but still beautiful place and if you walk all the way till the end you can see the harbor and the airport on the other side of the bay


-parque central (wifi)

-fabrica chocolate (when driving by make sure windows are open, smells heavenly!)