My tips to Santiago de Cuba

Parque cespedes-the heart of the city, hotel casa granda, catethdral, tourist info and the oldest building in the city surrounding the park that is used for hanging out or connecting to wifi
Casa granda

-most central hotel in Santiago, rooftop teracce that has a phenomenal view at sunset, live bands performing sometimes
Casa de la trova

-traditional cuban music, the small room is on a street level and has about constant music. Bigger concerts during the evening upstairs 5cuc
Casa de clandestinidad

-museo that contains information about the beginning of the revolution and how Fidel organized his troops at the sierra
Museo emilio bacardi

-upstairs an exlusive art gallery with Cuban, Italian, Spanish art, downstairs national history and basement a collection of Egyptian artefacts
Museo de carneval

-museo that presents history and tradition of carneval in Santiago. A performance with orishas at 4pm daily


-an outdoor bar with live music. The place to be if you are a salsa dancer. Small venue that packs up quickly.


-the walking street, shops, restaurants, all the way from bahia to plaza marte


-santiago version of Malecon, nice boulevard type area with wifi, boats for local cruises and bigger cruise ships.


-the tourist location, souveniers, artesania, runs parallel to enramadas where there is a park.


-catholic church with the saint protecting all cubans, virgen de la claridad. Need a car about 20cuc, takes about half an hour to get there. People offer the saint sunflowers.

Gran piedra

-mountains area, pretty view. Need a car, about 50cuc

Valle prehistoria

-a recreational park with real size representations of dinosaurs etc. Need a car

Parque suenos

-amusement park, bit outside of the city

Plaza marte

-As centric location as parque cespedes, wifi, cafeterias, restaurants, more locals than tourists

Parque zoologico

-The local zoo, near parque suenos, outside of the city

Loma de san juan

-a hotel with a representation of spanish independence war location. Pretty view. Monuments, bit outside of the city

Salon de son

-a local bar with live music sometimes. Indoors, dark but bigger dancefloor than claqueta. On enramadas at the plaza marte end

Picina (hotel santiago/versailles)

At least these two hotels sell access to the pool for non guests, entry includes drinks&food 10-20cuc


-told to be equally good cabare as the original in Havana but half the price, set is outdoors so bring warm clothes if windy or a chilly night. Bit outside the city, requires a car transportation.


-old fortress, replication of shooting cannons daily. Beautiful view, spectacular sunset. Outside of the city, requires car transportation

Playas e.g. siboney-caracol

-Santiago beaches are not nice white sandy beaches, more dirty, rocky ones, the closest ones packed with locals but perfect location for a dance class or a chill day at the beach. Requires car transportation, about 50cuc

Plaza de la revolution

Bit outside the city a museum and a plaza with a monument for antonio maceo in honor of the independence war against spain, walkable but further out behind sueno neighborhood.

Teatro heredia

A big cultural complex with a teatre hall, offices such as translation and meeting rooms. This is where i had my first dance classes in santiago. Next to the plaza de la revolution

Casa de las americas

They have rumba on Sundays at 4pm but never been there

Cine cuba

Local movies, intrigued to go see some Cuban films but most what they show are americans oddly.

Grangita de siboney

Where Fidel met up with his troops and prepared for the revolution. Museo. Lots of walking and hiking on the mountains. Havent been to but this is def on my list!

Monacada baracs

Where one of the first attacs toke place during revolution. This former military base now serves as a museum

Balcon de velazquez

A balcony with a nice overlook to the bahia and mountains on the other side of the bay. Beautiful during sunset. You have to pay 1CUC entrance if you want to take pictures.
Casa Diego Velazquez

An old building next to the parque cespedes.
Museo de ron

Havent been to but santiago is also famous of their ron and they have a museo, might be interesting